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My CPD is simple.

There is no jargon, nothing to mystify or confuse.

 I help teachers to plan lessons that allow the students creative freedom. It simply enables the teacher to ask questions, then to observe and feedback on what they see. Perfect for those who are not confident as 'dancers' themselves.


This is supported by a teacher's resource pack so that you won't need to be desperately trying to remember everything or scribble notes as you go.


I know how busy teachers are... if there's anything I can do to make things a little easier for them then I'll do it which started the compilation of detailed less.


The photo shows Abbie performing in her choreography based on Peter Pan, photo by Brian Slater

Ideas for INSET

Every school will want something different.

I'll work around what you feel you need, after all it's your INSET, not mine...

Most schools benefit from looking at planning a dance lesson.

I often include a section on the skills you would hope to see.

Everyone asks about music for dance, so that's worth looking at.

I can also point you in the direction of other (free) resources.

We could look at dances from different times or cultures & how to develop the movements & ideas creatively.

Many schools like some help with keeping older boys engaged.

Looking at choreography is very popular.

Village schools or those working with vertically grouped systems may wish to look at working with different age groups.

Linking dance to literacy is one of my personal favourites - so many great stories! Also Science and dance is fantastic - I have a KS2 resource that covers all aspects of the science curriculum through dance.

Or we could look at a particular theme, recently I worked with a school who wanted to use the Olympics.

So once you have decided...

Let me know what you'd like me to cover, or contact me so that we can discuss it.

I will e mail the notes to you before the INSET - that way you can circulate them to your staff.

Electronic copies make transferring the ideas to your lesson plan format quick & easy.

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