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Bespoke lessons

If you would like me to deliver directly to your students all you need to tell me is the age group of the students and the themes or topic you would like me to cover, e.g. year 6 are covering pyramids from 'The Ancient Egyptians' or year 2 are looking at snow and ice.

I'm happy to cover a range of topics in one visit with the different age groups & I will leave you a copy of the lesson plans along with the title of any music used.

Lesson plan example...

Early Years


Feet can take you for a walk

And feet can make you hop!

Feet can slide when on the ice,

And feet can make you stop!

Feet can wiggle & wiggle & wriggle

Feet can march & stamp.

Feet can go a long, long way




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For topics such as 'Myself' how about using an action rhyme as a starting point?

Use the poem literally at first by repeating the poem & performing the actions in bold at the appropriate time.

Then perform the actions independently of the poem.

Then explore different ways of hopping, sliding, marching & so on.

Lesson plan example...


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Why not start off with a game of follow my leader to create the caterpillar effect?

Use it first of all as a warm up, then repeat it to refine the movement quality & focus on the limbs to communicate the idea of the legs of the caterpillar.

Move on to the idea of the caterpillar eating their way through the different foods, find ways of creating 'hole' shapes with their bodies.

Join up with a partner, ask one to make a 'hole' shape & the other to find a way of travelling through, then alternate roles.

For the butterfly stay with the partner & try using some mirroring actions to suggest the symmetry of the wings.

Lesson plan example...


Ancient Egyptians - Pyramids

Begin with a game of musical statues - but when the music stops ask the children to quickly get into a group of either 3 or 4 & create a pyramid shape.

Play the game several times & encourage the children to find different ways of making the pyramid shapes.

Get the children into groups & ask them to find a way of moving one person without them touching the floor (like the blocks used to create the pyramids).

Ask the groups to combine this with pyramid shapes...

Pyramid - travel - pyramid.

Add sphynx shapes if sufficient time.


Costs below exclude travel

whole day


includes lesson plans

Great for a 'day of dance' or to create a piece for a performance.

half day


morning or afternoon session

Great for small schools or working with a single year group.

whole day + 90 minute  INSET


includes detailed inset notes

Offers a chance for your staff to reflect upon the input and consider their next steps.

If you would just like the INSET without any delivery then the fee depends upon length of visit plus travel.

Want something else?

If the above don't meet your needs please feel free to contact me, I'm happy to be flexible & to work around your requirements.

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