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We all know the impact of a great warm up...

I always try to use an activity that will lead into the remainder of the lesson, so  you can pick something that links in.

But more importantly, make sure that the actions mobilise the body and prepare it for the activity to come!


Follow My Leader

We all know how the game is played but arrange the children into 2's or 3's and say 'CHANGE' every 30 seconds or so so that everyone has several chances to be the leader.

Guide the children towards certain types of actions if you have a theme, e.g. Travelling actions if linked to transport, using different speeds if thinking about the various animals under the ocean.


Musical Statues

Again, another game-based activity. You can keep it simple or add in an activity to perform during the pauses, e.g. Twist around to scan the room if you are thinking about spies, or melt to the floor if you are thinking about changes of state.


This one is easiest if performed in a circle.

Shake the right arm for 8 counts... you could add music or simply count to 8... then the same with the left arm. Follow this with 8 counts to shake the right leg and finally 8 counts to shake the left leg!

Once they have the pattern repeat it without any pauses when changing from limb to limb.

Then repeat the whole thing but with 4 counts each time... then again with 2 counts... and you can even do it on 1 count!

Then, of course, you can repeat the whole thing but count faster!


Very simply ask the children to run for 8 counts then wait for 8... encourage them to weave in and out of each other rather than just run in a circle... repeat this on 8's again. Then run for 4 and wait for 4... again do this twice... then on 2 counts and you might even get them to do it on 1's!

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